January 2, 2007 HEY GUYS!!!!!!!! LONG TIME NO SEE! AAHAHAHAHHAA!!!!! 8DDDD How have you all been? Good? I hope you all have been good! Happy Belated Christmas and New Years! Anyways too some good news for you all! I've decided to give this comic a re-start cause there's some things i wanted to change! :3 believe it or not i'm always thinking of what to do with this comic! just because i haven't draw any pages in forever doesn't mean i've totally abandon it! NO! I have a strong will to really complete this story (cause it's one of my favs out of all the stories i've written) even if it takes me most of my life! but i hope it won't! Cause that'll kinda suck in my case cause it just proves i can't get things done soon ahahahah! but i'm gonna try to change my procrastination and my lazy ass! Therefore, i wanted to start this new year with re-starting this manga and hope i can bring the rest of the story to you all finally! :D my style has kinda changed since umm when was it? 2003? Damn that's a LONG TIME lol so umm yeah it's gonna be different so don't expected too much :x also i've realised that my storytelling is kinda ... distracted! I've noticed it takes me a really long time to get to the main conflict and the characters are getting way to distracted on small things and details! So I've decided to minmize those alittle! I want it too seem like an actual story than to a comic strip that you'd see on something like newspapers and web comics :0 I've also decided to switch the manga over to livejournal because I love livejournal! So if you have one too, great! you can watch it! :D if ya don't then that's fine! just bookmark it, i've allowed comments fromm non-lj peeps to comment! But please don't be leaving random shit that neither i or anyone else would appreciate :/


Tuesday , January 1 , 1901

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