• Sempiternal - Cast

    The major characters of the story, you can click on their image for the full view! XD

    Uhaku (EnN)
    .hair dyed it a light greyish blue (guess what his natural hair color is XD;;)
    .eyes purple
    .age 20

    Uhaku is sort of the kind thay looks after the group, and usually the responsible type and not as weird. A bit laid back and rather not get into things too troublesome. He often argues with Xin, and he suspects Hisoka has something to do with Ryu's sudden disappearance 4 years ago.

    Xin (pronounce 'Zen')
    .hair blonde
    .eyes blue
    .age 20

    He can be a bit bossy and a jerk at times, but he really does care for those close to him. Even though he's Hisoka's younger brother, he tends to be the big brother since he often pay close attention to Hisoka just incase he ever runs off into trouble.

    Hisoka ()
    .hair long redish brown (had shorter hair years ago)
    .eyes green
    .age 22

    'a child in a grown man's body' as Xin would describe him. He's Xin's older brother and the happy-go-lucky of the group. Although on rare occasions will you ever see the other sides of him.

    Ryu ()
    .hair black
    .eyes blue (sometimes he wears color contacts that changes his eye color red)
    .age 19

    A mysterious guy who suddenly appeared out of no where after his four years absense. He's a very close friend the other 3, but he seems to be hiding alot of important things from them.

    . . .


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